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Dispensing NHS Prescriptions is at the core of our Pharmacy business and we pride ourselves on the high levels of service Wicker Pharmacy offers our prescription customers.

Whatever your prescription needs, at Wicker Pharmacy we make it our business to meet your expectations.

We each live busy lives so we aim to fulfill your prescription in a way that suits you best. If you choose to remain in the Pharmacy whilst we make up your prescription, the efficient and effective systems we have established in our Dispensary ensure that we can provide you with your medication in a timely manner, cutting your waiting time to a minimum.


The NHS App

To arrange your re-order, contact us via telephone or email (if you are emailing from a secure email address). We also have the option through the NHS App, to diversify our service for you and get digital! This is another way to communicate with your local Wicker Pharmacy and organise your medication better.



Download the NHS App
You can download the NHS App on the Apple Store and Google Play. It’s free!

Look for Wicker Pharmacy
You’ll then need to look for Wicker Pharmacy App and make sure you download that too.

Connect with your local Wicker Pharmacy
You’ll then be able to locate your local Wicker Pharmacy store and begin reordering your medication from them without calling. Talk to them digitally and organise your medicines!



Our specialist delivery service allows you to have your medicines delivered direct to home or work and is free and available on request. Please contact us here to learn more and to register.